The most important thing in Christopher’s life are his family and friends.  Above all else, his time spent socializing with the people he holds near and dear is his priority in life. One of his favourite meeting places is Lansdowne Place, in Peterborough, where he enjoys time spent with his Grandma Arlene and Auntie Margaret. He also loves to travel.  When he is not off to Florida for Spring Training to schmooze with some amazing pro baseball personalities, or he is not taking in a classic country music event, or keeping up with local and regional current events, one will always find Christopher hanging out with friends and family.

When he catches sight of a friend, Christopher lights up and is quick to offer a big, warm hug. This young man has an appetite for life, and a great memory. He will as soon ask for that hug from a friend he has not seen in many years, as he will from people with whom he spends time on a regular basis. It’s hard to tell who enjoys the reunion more – Christopher or the recipient of his affections!

Although he might easily boast of the many celebrities he’s met over the years, such as Regis Philbin, Charlie Pride, Mickey Gilley, Randy Travis, George Jones and most of the Blue Jays, it is family and very close friends who are most important to Christopher. Family gatherings, walking with and enjoying the company of friends and their dogs, and getting out to country music concerts with people who also prefer the classics – that’s Christopher’s idea of fun.

Nothing keeps this young man down. His days are filled with so much activity, Christopher needs a calendar and a day planner to keep everything straight. Petes and Leafs games in the winter. Baseball and Lakers games in spring and summer. And, of course, there’s the annual trip to Dunedin, Florida, for the Jays’ spring training. On a week-to-week basis, there’s the camaraderie of his friendship group to look forward to, his avid enjoyment of his skipping rope collection, and, of course, visits to the mall.

Since leaving secondary school six years ago, with the help of his family and his support team, Christopher has settled into an amazing life of his own design. What the future holds will be very much in his hands, but one thing is for sure – Christopher Cannon wants this amazing life he currently enjoys to continue … but just at his own address.